Kids Dentistry

Our kids dental practice is located in the greater Phoenix Arizona metropolitan area.

We provide kids dental services to surrounding communities; such as, Peoria and Glendale.

We provide a large selection of kids pediatric dentistry services and specialized youth oriented kids dental services. Spanish speaking families we also find comfort in our bilingual staff members on hand to assist with any language barriers.

Your child’s initial and ongoing experiences at the dentist can help shape the future their oral health. If you’re looking for a kids dentist in Arizona who caters to children with a focus on caring, and compassion, look no further than Solomon Pediatric Dental.

We’re pleased to offer comprehensive children’s pediatric dentistry in a fun, open and comfortable office setting.


A Focus on Parent & Patient Oral health Education

We believe that a child’s dentist involvement in teaching patients and parents how to properly care for their teeth is vital for long term dental health success.

Many children learn their most important dental oral hygiene habits by visiting their family dental practice:

• Proper Teeth Brushing
• Safe Flossing Technique
• Tooth Decay Prevention


At Solomon Pediatric Dental, we do more than just teach kids about proper dental care. Our entire team of pediatric dental professionals go the extra mile to provide thorough dental treatment when our patients need it the most.


To learn more about our pediatric dentistry services or to schedule an appointment for your child to see one of our dentists, call us today.

We proudly serve the Phoenix metropolitan areas; Glendale, Peoria and surrounding areas.

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