Children’s Hospital Dentistry

Children’s Hospital Dentistry; we work intimately with Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Banner Thunderbird campus for a child’s more serious pediatric dentistry issues.  We understand how important it is to cater to our pediatric patients as well as their families.

When it comes to kids dentistry, kids’ dental needs require a specific professional experienced approach.

We go out of our way to offer the warm, compassionate care our pediatric patients deserve.

We Care About Kids Teeth

We are dedicated to kids pediatric dentistry. You can count on our experienced pediatric dental team to go the extra mile when it comes to your child’s dentistry health issues and care. We understand a major kids dental problem can be suddenly overwhelming.

Your family benefits from our warm friendly health care dental staff and our thorough approach to pediatric dental care for your child.

Children’s Hospital Dentistry

For more information on specific special needs children conditions or to schedule a pediatric dental consultation with a member of our team, call Solomon Pediatric Dental. Our doctors have well over 30+ years in pediatric health care experience.

  We serve the Phoenix metropolitan area and surrounding community cities.

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