Common Tooth-brushing Mistakes

Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes Kids Dentist Arizona pediatric Dentistry

Kids are aware they need to brush their teeth regularly to maintain healthy teeth.  But, there’s more to good dental oral hygiene than moving a toothbrush around inside your mouth.

Take a moment to review your child’s teeth brushing habits and see if they are making these common tooth brushing mistakes?
Not brushing for long enough:

– Two minutes is generally the proper amount of time to brush a child teeth. However, we all know it’s tough for a child to focus on a task for too long. To make the time pass quicker, try playing one of these tooth-brushing videos on a mobile device while your child brushes.

Using the wrong size toothbrush:

– Does your child have to open wide for the toothbrush to fit? If so, the toothbrush may be too large. Be sure your child’s toothbrush has soft bristles that helps them from injuring their gums.

Using an old toothbrush:

It’s easy to forget to replace a kids toothbrush that doesn’t appear old or frayed. The American Dental Association recommends changing toothbrushes every 3 to 4 months. A frayed toothbrush doesn’t clean effectively, so replace it before it gets visibly frayed.

Not rinsing the toothbrush:

– A child’s toothbrush is a ripe environment for germs if it isn’t rinsed thoroughly. Make sure it’s free of toothpaste, which can harden on the bristles.

Overdoing it:

– Make sure your child isn’t bearing down too hard with the toothbrush. Brushing should be gentle, especially for little mouths! Recommend your child brushes with short, easy strokes and covers all sides of every tooth.

Skipping a day/night:

–Does your child fall asleep on the couch or in the car often? Get in the routine of brushing after dinner or a nighttime snack to avoid hearing “I’m too tired” when it comes time for them to brush. Developing bad habits is the fastest route to chidlrens dental problems.

Poor toothbrush storage:

Bathrooms can be full of germs. Think about how many things are set on a bathroom sink – hairbrushes, makeup and others hands; among other items.  Make sure your child places their toothbrush back into a holder after brushing.

Brushing after acidic drinks:

– You may have already heard about the effects of fruit drinks, soda, and sport drinks on tooth enamel. If your child consumes these products, or sour candy, advise a half-hour wait time before brushing. In the meantime, your child’s saliva will help to restore the enamel.